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Estimates of the population that is sick with COVID-19 in Brazil

(See for the description of the estimators.)

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Estimates of the population that is sick with COVID-19 in each state of Brazil

These estimates are obtained from the UMD Survey Data (, in particular from the COVID-19 World Symptoms Survey Microdata ( as follows.

  • UMD CLI: Ratio of responses that have reported COVID-like illness (CLI). COVID-like illness: fever, along with cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.
  • UMD CLI WHO: Ratio of responses that have reported fever, cough, and fatigue (
  • UMD CLI Indirect: Ratio of reported cases with CLI symptoms via indirect reporting. These are the cases reported by answering YES to the question (1) “Do you personally know anyone in your local community who is sick with a fever and either a cough or difficulty breathing?” and answering the question (2) “How many people do you know with these symptoms?” The ratio is obtained by dividing the number of cases by the number of responses multiplied by the estimated average “reach” (see
  • UMD anosmia: Ratio of YES resposes to the question “In the last 24 hours, have you had any of the following? Loss of smell or taste.” (This estimator is not currently shown in the plots. Can be found in

(The raw data is available in

BR Acre

BR Alagoas

BR Amapá

BR Amazonas

BR Bahia

BR Ceará

BR Distrito Federal

BR Espírito Santo

BR Goiás

BR Maranhão

BR Mato Grosso

BR Mato Grosso do Sul

BR Minas Gerais

BR Paraná

BR Paraíba

BR Pará

BR Pernambuco

BR Piauí

BR Rio Grande do Norte

BR Rio Grande do Sul

BR Rio de Janeiro

BR Rondônia

BR Roraima

BR Santa Catarina

BR Sergipe

BR São Paulo

BR Tocantins

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